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 Frugal travel tips

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PostSubject: Frugal travel tips   Frugal travel tips Icon_minitimeWed 18 Jul 2007, 11:29 am

I was listening to a radio program yesterday and a woman gave some great tip, I used some of them before but if you go on the trip with these tips in mind it can prevent reality intruding on vacation before you even get home!

Don't overpack ...
Plan around one basic color to reduce number of shoes, slacks, etc.
Lay out everything you would like to bring, then pack 1/2 of it! tongue
Bring only washable clothes unless you have a formal occasion to go to.
Bring only comfitable shoes, vacation is not the time to try 4 inch heels. Remember no matter how hot it's going to be to bring socks (This is my suggestion, I forgot to one time and between blisters and sunburned feet had a terrible few days)
Two medium sized suitcases fit more than 1 big one and are easier to carry and put in a car.
Leave a little room in your suitcase and things won't smashed requiring ironing during or after vacation.
Keep dirty clothes seperated from clean clothes using plastic bags and sorting as you go so laundry day is easier when you get home.
Pack cosmetics, personnal hygene items and sunscreen plus anything you will need the first day in doubled zip top bags and pack if flying to avoid having to repurchasing small sizes required by FAA.
Put sunscreen on everyone before going out!
Before you leave have an easy meal planned for when you get home, either for that day or the next.
Have cereal, yogurt, bread and milk ready in case you need to do a quick breakfast if your timetable is tight. Parmalite milk is a good for this situation if you don't freeze milk.
Pack a few treats, coffee, cereal, mixable drinks you eat/drink at home to take with you when you get to your destination, this way stomachs don't get unsettled in a strange place.
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Frugal travel tips
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